Chuangxin Culture

Chuangxin Culture
Enterprise tenet: brand development, industry to the country.
Employee ethics
Self-improvement, honesty, open-mindedness, integrity, integrity: quality first, efficiency; unity and cooperation, continuous improvement; everything is done, customer first; pioneering and innovation, eliminating waste; everywhere to protect the company's honor, always protect the company's interests.
Business management policy
Develop products with first-class technology, produce with first-class management guidance
Explore the market with first-class products, create value with first-class quality
Arms employees with first-class culture, win customers with first-class reputation
Enterprise culture: integrity Xingye, win-win cooperation is the foundation of this, do integrity to world without end pursuit of quality first, integrity of people will always put customer as God, do integrity to forever commitment to responsible, socially responsible.
Team culture: fairness, justice, solidarity, Pinbo is our team spirit, people regardless of the closeness, not divided into North and south, coming together, fairness and justice is the link, unity and hard work is the traditional team ability, not afraid, afraid not as specified, for a competition for the talents, stable platform set up the realization of the value of life.
Harmonious Culture: get rid of poverty, humanistic care.
WHBrand development, industry to serve the country