CEO Speech

Taizhou city innovation industry and trade limited company was stepped into the new year, at the beginning of the new year, everything looks fresh and gay. In 2010, our staff is expected, the enterprise is going forward; 2010 is a year full of hope, standing at a new starting point, and it is a new beginning, all Taizhou creative industry and trade limited company employees to the company's confidence in future development. Back in 2009, the company leadership in leadership, in the efforts of all staff struggle, in the dealers around the joint efforts, has made gratifying achievements.
Taizhou Chuangxin Industry & Trade Co., Zhejiang is one of the emerging enterprises, today is rapidly growing work steadily, from business to be in high and vigorous spirits every consumer affirmation of Taizhou innovation industry and trade Ltd. contains all the staff of the affirmation and encouragement. But celebrating past achievements, our eyes are still eyeing achievements in the future and tomorrow.
In today's competitive era, only the strong can be successful and thriving and prosperous. In recent years, we have taken a series of measures to ensure that companies in the ranks. Now, business structure of our restructuring, become more efficient, more adaptable, our corporation culture on the speed and innovation, research and development system of our consumer demand as the core, respect the consumers' psychology, can well adapt to market demand.
As I said, today's market and only the strong can be thriving and prosperous. We will be the main funds to the effective field, pioneering and innovative, dynamic mining for our plastic business growth. We recognize that, today's achievement, even in recent years the performance does not ensure tomorrow can successfully. We will in all areas of business: from research and development, production to marketing and service and unremitting efforts to promote innovation and development, in order to win the market. In the new year, the new situation, how can we keep forward momentum, the future, continuous innovation, this is the important question. Here, I hope that we adhere to the "innovation" two characters, development to continuously consolidate innovative Industrial and Trading Company brand, for dealers sales to lay a solid foundation, go to all lengths, bring forth the new through the old, continue to improve, to create the perfect. Hope that each company's employees and frontline sales staff supervision and create, create innovation in Taizhou city industry and trade limited company new brilliant. Adhere to the "integrity-based, customer first" corporate philosophy, hope everyone remember this sentence.