Plastic, purple sand pot selection? Senior Lan Friends: Rural orchids are suitable for purple sand, and the city is suitable for plastics.
Date:2019-08-15  Hits:2271

Orchid is a very elegant flower plant. There are many people who like to raise this kind of plant. There are different classes in this group of people. There are cultural people in the city and old farmers in the country, but undoubtedly, everyone The love of orchids is the same, and the spirit of orchids like the hermit is elegant and elegant. However, when choosing flower pots for orchids, there are still people who argue that it is better to raise them in plastic pots or in purple pots. In fact, after reading the answers of some senior Lan friends, I found that in fact, in addition to the price, the two kinds of flower pots have their own effects on orchids. Now lets see how senior Lanyou is. Choose a flower pot.

I still remember a senior friend of Lanyou said: It is suitable to use purple flower pots in the countryside, and it may be more suitable for plastic flower pots in the city. This kind of speech makes many people look awkward. After all, plastic flowerpots belong to a relatively cheap flowerpot in the impression of many people. When people in the city are so rich, they are suitable for plastic flowerpots. Let's raise flowers? People living in the country, in addition to some of the more experienced garden life lovers, most of them are some farmers, do not have much savings in their hands, and come to buy purple sand pots to raise orchids, many people seem to be a worthwhile thing. In fact, the paradox that caused this view really has a channel to talk about.

First of all, from the material of the flower pot, the plastic flower pot is relatively light, and the raw material price is low, so the selling price is not high, and the purple sand flower pot, its raw materials will be more expensive than the plastic flower pot, and the production process is also more Complex, the selling price is not low.

However, from the perspective of the growth environment of orchids, the orchids that are generally raised in the countryside are raised in an open air environment, so it is more suitable to use purple sand pots, because the purple sand pots are relatively loose and breathable, and the effect and drainage effect on them. It will be better. Moreover, even if the purple sand pot has a higher weight, put it on the land and raise it, there will be no problem at all.

In the city, it is not the same to raise flowers. Most people are raising flowers on the balcony of the building in the house. Except for some local friends who have small villas and small estates, the rest may have only a small balcony, which can put flowers and plants. Raising flowers on the balcony is the principle of pursuing the lighter and better, because once the weight of the balcony is exceeded, a series of safety accidents may occur, and on the Internet, you can see that there are many news that the balcony falls off, so For the flower lovers in the city, it is best to use this lightweight plastic flower pot to raise flowers.

Moreover, the plastic flower pot, its water retention performance will be better, especially placed in the balcony of the home, do not have to water it often, only need to be poured two or three times a month, and the purple sand pot is more breathable. Especially when it is raised in the open air, the demand for water will be relatively large, so everyone should always water it.

However, if the orchid is placed indoors, the material of the flower pot can be selected according to the different decorative effects of the environment. For example, if you want to achieve a high-grade taste, you can choose some high-quality and beautiful purple flower pots. If it is for the convenience of management, showing a vague orchid beauty, you can choose some modern orchid flower pots. But no matter what kind of flower pot, the drainage effect must be good.

Conclusion: For the choice of flower pots for raising orchids, I don't know your dear readers, what better way? Welcome to share the message below, please also like to pay attention, thank you!