Is it poisonous to grow vegetables in plastic pots?
Date:2019-08-15  Hits:3268

Modern people pursue a healthy lifestyle, and families with conditions choose to use their balcony space to grow their own green vegetables. Just because the conditions of the balcony are limited, most people choose plastic pots to plant, so that the vegetables grown will be poisonous?

People ask this question because many plastic products cause harm to the human body, which makes people have to ask questions about plastic flower pots. To answer this question, let's first look at what substances are absorbed in the growth of vegetables. The root system of vegetables mainly absorbs water and inorganic salts in production, and the roots of vegetables also absorb amino acids, sodium phytate, nucleotides, etc., but cannot absorb high molecular polymers.

The main component of plastic flower pots is synthetic resin, which is chemically stable and will not be explained. The small amount of organic matter decomposed cannot be absorbed by vegetable roots. Dioxins are produced when plastics burn. Although they cause cancer to the human body, they are also not absorbed by vegetable roots. Therefore, vegetables grown in plastic flower pots are not poisonous. However, we can't use plastic flower pots to grow vegetables without restrictions, because most of the flower pots on the market are made of waste plastics, and there are still harmful substances. You should choose pots with no odor to grow vegetables.